For many years I have felt that it is important to merge heart and mind, logic and intuition, right and left brain. In the western part of the world, we learn to separate the two as we grow up in a left-brained culture. I fell in love with biology as a child, when for me it was full of wonder and beauty, but later I began to lose that sense of wonder while being molded by an educational system that demands emotional detachment in the sciences.

Much later, after my two children had grown up and left home, I went back to college as an art major, and worked in both art and science fields.

The idea for Starblossom Visual Media was born in 1997, when I was doing graphic design for the Gravitational Biology Dept. at NASA-Ames in California. One of the plants growing in the MIR space station lab matured from seed and then blossomed in zero gravity, orienting itself toward light. This was a major milestone in space biology, and it inspired the name for my future media business.

To see some of the humanities class papers I wrote, that were centered on the idea of merging heart and mind, click here.